TMJ Therapy
in Bentonville, AR

Frequent headaches, clicking and popping in the jaw, or aching facial pain aren’t something that should be part of your everyday life. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may be experiencing temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMJ. There are several treatments for patients experiencing TMJ disorder. Our team at Main Street Dental is happy to provide TMJ treatment to help alleviate symptoms. Please get in touch with our office to schedule your appointment!

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What is TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular disorder, also known as TMD, includes pain in the jaw joint or limited jaw movement. When a patient experiences TMD, the TMJ that acts as a sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull becomes impacted. TMJ can be caused by trauma, wear and tear from teeth grinding, or natural conditions. TMJ disorder can cause discomfort and interfere with everyday activities like talking, chewing, or smiling.

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How do I know if I have TMJ?

TMJ discomfort may be occasional and temporary or lingering as soon as symptoms develop. A variety of symptoms can link to TMJ, while others may not be a cause for concern. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be in your best interest to inquire with our team about TMJ treatment!

  • Jaw, Ear, or Facial Pain
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Jaw muscle stiffness
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Clicking, popping, or locking of the jaw

What is the best way to treat TMJ?

The severity of your TMJ disorder will reflect which TMJ treatment is best for you. Our team at Main Street Dental offers several TMJ treatment options to protect teeth and provide relief from jaw pain. If you are teeth grinding, we may recommend a mouthguard, a popular choice in TMJ therapy. When you come in for your appointment, we’ll go over your TMJ disorder and details to provide a successful TMJ treatment.