Crowns & Bridges
in Bentonville, AR

Damaged teeth or missing teeth can interfere with your ability to speak or eat properly and smile comfortably. If you lack a complete smile that you love, our Bentonville dental office offers crowns and bridges to restore your smile. Get in touch with our front office to learn more about how our affordable crowns and bridges can help complete your smile.

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illustration of a dental crown

How do I know I need a crown or bridge?

A crown is a custom tooth-colored cap that fits over a single tooth and blends with the surrounding teeth. Dental bridges are two or more crowns that bridge together to replace missing teeth. Dental crowns can be used on your natural or damaged teeth or be placed on a dental implant to act as a replacement tooth. Dental bridges solely replace missing teeth. If you’re uncertain which restoration is right for you, Dr. Henderson or Dr. Evans can examine and help determine the best restoration for your teeth.

illustration of a dental bridge

Can an existing crown be used for a bridge?

Even though crowns and bridges can restore damaged or missing teeth, an existing crown can’t be used for a bridge. Crowns and bridges differ in the way they are created and placed. Crowns are only for a single tooth, whereas dental bridges have a crown on each end to provide comfort and support to the replacement in between.

How long do bridges and crowns last?

With good care, crowns and bridges can last five to ten years or longer! Both crowns and bridges are meant to be long-lasting options to replace or fix missing or damaged teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene like brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and coming in for routine cleanings and exams can help restorations like crowns and bridges last longer. When you visit our office to find a solution for missing or damaged teeth, we’ll evaluate all your options, including dentures or bridges.

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